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16th-Mar-2011 11:08 pm - Bad habits
What "bad" habits do you want to leave behind?

Oh god! I want to stop procrastinating.

I think I want to write this entry later. :P

I suck with time management. I'm always running out of time and study is always the last item in my to do list. I want to have a well organized schedule with plenty of time to study and some fixed workout time.
20th-Feb-2011 10:55 pm - Dark times
When was the last time you experienced a dark period in your life? Did you learn anything from that experience?

The last time I was deeply depressed was a few years ago. I felt so stupid, so useless. I felt that I could not do anything right. I could not focus on anything and going to college became the hardest tast. I stopped enjoy life. I was so depressed that I wanted to give up life all together.
Depression is an illness that no one believes you have. It's so easy for them to render you as a lazy student, no one cares about mental health, until it happens to them.

It was really hard to overcome depression. Actually, I dropped out of college, I took a gap year away from it, and I changed my mayor.
From this experience, I learned that even if you love what you study, sometimes things don't go your way. Don't be mistaken, I love English and I enjoy teaching but this was not the course of studies I chose.
3rd-Feb-2011 09:46 pm - drabble
I wrote a short drabble based on the page 409 of GWTW. It is part of a challenge posted on a yahoo group.
No one betaed and corrected the story so any corrections are welcome. You can read the story on fanfiction.net

18th-Jan-2011 09:22 pm - Favorite room
What is your favourite room in your home and why?

My favorite room in my home is.... well, I like my bedroom but I share it so it's not my absolutely favorite room. I like the kitchen but there is always something there in the chase for food. Therefore, my favorite room is the living room but only late at night and no one is in there so I can relax and use the computer alone.
4th-Jan-2011 09:33 pm - Happy New year!
Happy New Year! It took my some days but I was able to log in. This has just begun and I am already tired of it. I have to practice a lot I really don't want to miss anything anymore. I promised myself that I was going to make a blend for the new year but I truly forgot about it. So I  will edit and add it later.
Yep yep yep that is so me.

14th-Dec-2010 06:25 am - Writer's block: Passing the time
What's your favorite thing to do on long car rides?
I can spend hours and hours listening to music. The only problem will be running out of batteries.
When I have to go downtown riding a bus, I try to get a sit, I plug my earphones and the rest of the world can go to hell.
How do you think personal relationships would change if people could read minds?

I'm tollaly sure that all my relationship would end if people can read my mind... I love to be honest but 99% of the people I know will certainly hate me if they knew what I think about when they are talking to me. I lost a few friend cuz they asked me to be honest about something and I was TOO honest with them so now I'm "honest" but no so much.

I'm 100% sure that lying in a relationship it's normal and aceptable. People don't want you to tell them the truth all the time some times they like a little lie or a half-true ... politeness is a way of lying and everyone wants to have polite friends or friend that know when to be polite and when to the honest. IMO
Which role would you play if you could act in any Hollywood film, and why?

If I have to honest. I will be the leading role's best friend, the one who is sarcastic and it's always talking with them, cuz I'm like that I'm not the leading lady of the romantic movie... (I'm a ant-leading role) I don't fit in any leading role stereotype. I'm the hunk's best friend not his girl... unfortunately I'm too honest to be like The girl. 

22nd-Sep-2010 01:26 am - new header
well a brand new header for this blog... i changed part of the layout but I'm not in the mood for change it completely... I have to study for a midterm exam and I'm avoiding it like the plague.
At least I update the blog... a item less in my to do list  =)
22nd-Sep-2010 01:04 am - Writer's Block: Let me entertain you
Who is your personal choice for greatest singer of all time, and why?

well Christina Aguilera has a amazing voice, but I'm a Britney fan so I'll chose Brit for the greatest singer of all time...
I know I sound quite lame but I won't justify my musical tastes... no not this time 
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